Studio Nakamura

Abstract Beauty #2

Nakamura - Abstract Beauty #2

This is Abstract Beauty #2, this time focusing on the eye. The shapes lead your mind on an exploratory adventure, as it tries to decipher what you are seeing. The individual elements could add up to any number of things, but when viewed at a distance, the exact nature of the image becomes clear.

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Sneaker Freak – Air 1985

Nakamura - Sneaker Freak - Air 1985

A classic sneaker illustration for all the Sneaker Freaks out there. The Air Jordan is an icon of the 80’s, having been first released by Nike in 1985. I have layered the illustration over a complimentary retro pattern appropriate for the times. You can also find the background pattern as a stand-alone work, titled “Stolen 1985”.

Lewis ICU – An Element from Lewis Full Frontal

Nakamura - Lewis ICU

Lewis ICU is a small section of the larger art piece “Lewis Full Frontal” which I created for a friend. While I was creating the image, I took a snapshot of just one eye to send to him, and I really liked this smaller element so much, I felt is could stand on it’s own as a separate art piece. I have since published this smaller element, “Lewis ICU”, to my Society6 Store, and even purchased a throw pillow of the design for myself. 🙂

If you like this design, you can find it on my Society6 shop, available on all kinds of items. From large canvas prints, throw pillows, blankets, and even a shower curtain!


Lewis Full Frontal Illustration

Nakamura Lewis Full Frontal

The “Lewis Full Frontal” Illustration, in a derivative WPAP style, was designed for a good friend and legendary music producer, Demarkus Lewis. When he’s not busy padding out his catalog of hundreds of award winning song releases, he is traveling around the world, DJing for audiences large and small. This man is a workaholic and a music production machine!

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