Studio Nakamura

Uncle Knuckles – Navy on Off White

Nakamura - Uncle Knuckles - Navy On Off-White

Uncle Knuckles is a collection of hand drawn art inspired by finger tattoos. Many of which were symbolic to sailors.

The Nautical Star was meant to help them get home safely. It is now a symbol of protection, guidance, and good luck.

The Swallow meant you would always find your way home. “Home” in this sense could mean home with your family or called home to God after death (it was believed that birds could carry souls of the departed to heaven).

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Twigged Textile Pattern

Nakamura - Twigged Textile - Grey

Twigged distills the essence of nature with its tree branch structure and organic feel. Part of the Nakamura Textile Series.

This pattern was created specifically for Throw Pillow use, but works well with other textile items. An abstract collection of branches create an interesting organic pattern. The pattern is layered over a seamless canvas texture for added detail on any surface.

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Copacabana – Midnight 3

Nakamura - Copacabana - Midnight 3

Copacabana encapsulates elements of Rio, with its lovely palm trees and the iconic pattern of the historic Copacabana Boardwalk. This series has a number of derivative designs aptly titled around the time of day.

This piece is “Copacabana – Midnight 3” and exchanges the lively green palm trees of Copacabana – Day 1, for a more muted look, representative of Night, in a vibrant blue hue. Again the Boardwalk pattern returns, and the stars in the night sky are more prominent.


Lemon Fresh – Multicolor

Lemon Fresh - Black

Lemon Fresh is a modern loose illustration take on a classic lemon floral pattern. Originally designed for wallpaper, its timeless design adapts well to all sorts of textile use. I created both a classic Yellow Lemon called “Lemon Fresh” and also a Pink Lemon I call “Pink Lemonade”!

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