Studio Nakamura

Uncle Knuckles – Navy on Off White

Nakamura - Uncle Knuckles - Navy On Off-White

Uncle Knuckles is a collection of hand drawn art inspired by finger tattoos. Many of which were symbolic to sailors.

The Nautical Star was meant to help them get home safely. It is now a symbol of protection, guidance, and good luck.

The Swallow meant you would always find your way home. “Home” in this sense could mean home with your family or called home to God after death (it was believed that birds could carry souls of the departed to heaven).

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Uncle Knuckles – Hold Fast – White on Navy

Nakamura - Uncle Knuckles - Hold Fast - Navy

Uncle Knuckles is a collection of hand drawn art inspired by finger tattoos. The “Hold Fast” slogan was tattooed on the fingers of sailors as a reminder to hold on tight to the ropes, lest they be thrown overboard. The term has so many meanings that it applies to everything from life, to love, and beyond.

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Abstract Beauty #2

Nakamura - Abstract Beauty #2

This is Abstract Beauty #2, this time focusing on the eye. The shapes lead your mind on an exploratory adventure, as it tries to decipher what you are seeing. The individual elements could add up to any number of things, but when viewed at a distance, the exact nature of the image becomes clear.

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Lemon Fresh – Multicolor

Lemon Fresh - Black

Lemon Fresh is a modern loose illustration take on a classic lemon floral pattern. Originally designed for wallpaper, its timeless design adapts well to all sorts of textile use. I created both a classic Yellow Lemon called “Lemon Fresh” and also a Pink Lemon I call “Pink Lemonade”!

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